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Personal Annual Review


By WMM Contributor: Silvia Cortes

Out with the old, in with the new!

It is that time of the year when many of us begin to think about the new year and start imagining what we would like to accomplish.  We begin asking ourselves what we would like to change and vow to keep it the entire year through.   We promise ourselves this year will be different, this year will be better and we will keep our resolutions.

While listening to my favorite podcast by Chris Guillebeau, "Side Hustle School", I heard of an idea that was new to me and loved it.  The idea to look at the year ahead is a great way to prepare ourselves for new possibilities.  The new to me idea was to look back at the year that is almost over at the same time we look ahead and to call it an Annual Review.  Wait, wait, before you start throwing popcorn at me I would like to say that I know how stressful annual reviews at work can be and would like to invite you to consider this exercise with an open mind and an open heart and possibly have fun.

Let's try, just for today, to explore how to conduct our own annual review.  The original post can be found here:  https://chrisguillebeau.com/how-to-conduct-your-own-annual-review/

Disregard the fact that this post is from 2005 because it is so relevant today.  At the present moment, we can easily find tools to use to write down our responses to the starting out questions: What went well this year? What did not go well this year?  We can also find journals where we can fill in our goals for the new year with goal deadlines and quarterly reviews as included in the Excel template that is linked in the post for us to use.  We can get really artistic or keep it basic and to the point.  This is where the fun lives and where we can find our creativity to make it beautiful.

The plan suggests to take some time before the year is over to complete our Annual Review and I think we can do it!  We are working moms who balance kids, spouses, meals, chores and everything else and this is one more thing to do.  Nonetheless, we can look at it as our road-map to our dreams to help find the motivation.

Let's nail down the specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound goals with monthly and quarterly reminders to review and help us celebrate what we are doing right and helps us recognize what we can do better.  As we are completing it and when it gets hard let's ask ourselves, what if we keep these promises to ourselves?  How will that make us feel at the end of 2019?  How will it make us feel at the start of 2020?

I can already feel it will keep others wondering, how does she do it?  How has she accomplished so much?  And that, my fellow working moms of Milwaukee, is what turning dreams into reality looks like.


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