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2019 Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Award Winners

Working Moms of Milwaukee is excited to announce our 2019 Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Award Winners in the Milwaukee Area!

Nominees were evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. Lactation rooms to employee ratio
  2. Accommodations for mothers to store their milk during the workday
  3. Overall privacy
  4. Ease of washing pump parts at work
  5. Overall description

Nominees were judged by a panel of working mothers in our Milwaukee Mom Force network.

It is our hope that by highlighting these five employers, other local organizations will be encouraged to improve conditions and accommodations for working mothers. Long gone are the days of pumping in a utility room, or room without a lock on the door. Mothers should be able to openly say "pumping" at their workplaces without weird looks from coworkers. It's time to normalize breastfeeding and we are ready for Milwaukee employers to do better. We all deserve better.

Working Moms of Milwaukee's Mom Force knows there is a lot of work to be done in our Milwaukee community, but we also know some of our local employers are already doing their part. We would like to take this time to recognize and congratulate the 2019 Top 5 Breastfeeding Friendly Workplaces in the Milwaukee Area (in no particular order):

Bader Rutter

Each Mother's Room at Bader Rutter is equipped with a refrigerator, so mothers can store their milk privately and away from the communal kitchen.

Room locations were carefully considered and have been placed in low-traffic areas on each floor with minimal noise and distractions. The rooms are equipped with a sink that has hot and cold water, paper towels and soap if a mother wishes to wash parts after expressing milk. Rooms also have a phone, multiple outlets and a comfortable chair. Even the lighting is adjustable, so moms can customize the space to help create your ideal environment to express milk.

The rooms are designated as “Mother’s Lounge” on the placards so other employees know and understand the sole purpose of these rooms, while also beginning to normalize breastfeeding in the workplace. Another great attribute of the rooms is that they are large enough to store your pumping bag/supplies in the room in between pumps – there’s no need to haul it back and forth from your desk each time mothers need to pump.

Perhaps most importantly, Bader Rutter sought feedback from its new mothers to describe the ideal space to pump breastmilk. They took the time to learn what would be best for mothers.

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Lactation rooms are available and convenient at the many Children's Hospital of Wisconsin locations. Medela pumps are available for moms and are even accessible for new hires on their first day of orientation.

Rooms are private and lock. They can be booked using an online calendar system and/or individually by a paper calendar. They are equipped with sinks for washing pump parts and moms have access to refrigerators on all hospital floors and departments.

One particular mother notes, "The room I use is steps away from my office. I have three refrigerators/freezers to use. The lactation room is off the beaten path and located in a hallway. It is clean and user friendly. A hospital grade pump is available, along with a recliner, sink, wifi. The door locks and is noise free. The lighting is even dimmer than the hall to promote a calm, peaceful environment."

National Business Furniture

The Mother’s Room at National Business Furniture is located along a lightly-used hallway away from the main traffic, so moms essentially enter and exit in privacy. There is a specific calendar that all employees can access to reserve the Mother’s Room. The door has a vacant/occupied sign and a lock to ensure privacy for moms who pump.

NBF provides so many great necessities for pumping while at work. In the Mother’s Room, there is a storage locker with 4 cubbies for moms to store their pumping supplies.  NBF provides a brush, Babyganics soap, and a drying rack for cleaning and drying supplies.  Moms just need to let HR know if any of the supplies are running low or need to be replaced, and it’s done!  There is also a fridge in the Mother’s Room for moms to store expressed milk.

In addition to the supplies for pumping, NBF really thought about how to make this space warm, inviting, and comfortable for moms – from the color scheme and décor to the furniture.  There are magazines, a Bluetooth speaker, a large (and very comfortable!) chair, and throw blanket.

To create this space, NBF brought together several women in the organization to give input and insight.  Some were moms who had pumped at work before and some were moms planning to pump in the future.

Kohl's Corporate

There are several Mother's Rooms in the main building, and more within other buildings.

There is space to put bags and several of the rooms have a sink with soap. In addition, one room actually includes a rocking chair for moms who want to nurse their babies during the work day (there is also an on-site daycare), and multiple refrigerators located on each floor of every building for easy storage. There are also microwaves available in the rooms if moms wish to pump over lunch.

Lactation rooms are marked with sign on the door,  so they're easy to identify. Many mothers in our network identified Kohl's as being a very supportive environment for breastfeeding moms.


Although Glenroy is a male dominated manufacturing environment, strides have been made to support working mothers.

Their coded key access pumping room includes a full size cabinet for each mother to use to store personal items, equipped with a microwave, comfy chair, and nursing stool. The room has multiple lighting options and a room specific thermostat to adjust for personal comfort.

Glenroy also provides a hospital grade pump. Each nursing mom receives a sterile pack of parts to use with the provided pump. No need to lug your own pump or parts back and forth and employees do not have to punch out to pump and can set their own pumping schedule as needed.

The room also has a sink for washing pump parts, and each mother receives a bottle brush and drying rack with their name on it.


Congratulations 2019 Winners!

Need some help improving Mother's Lounges at your place of work?

Working Moms of Milwaukee would love to help you become a WMM approved pumping location!

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