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5 Tips For Your Next Family Road Trip

Author: Working Moms of Milwaukee

Well our road trip & family vacay 2018 has come to a close and we learned a couple things along the way that we’re happy to share with you.

5 Tips for a Successful Family Road Trip:

1. If you’re traveling with kids ages 5 and under there is an important math equation one must do. Whatever your travel time is, be sure to add 1 hour to it for every 4 hours of road travel. Ex: 8 hour road trip will be more like 10 hrs.

2. No screen time for ages 2 and under does not apply during a road trip. Go nuts. Nick Jr. App was a lifesaver.

3. Plan on a variety of snacks that make for a clean mess… ex: puffs, cheerios. Also plan on whomever (adult) is in the front seat to basically serve as waitstaff for the back seat (kids). It is also highly preferred that this person be as flexible as possible due to bending around and serving kids as well as picking up items that drop in small spaces while the vehicle is in motion.

4. Budget for buying new toys (distractions) in route. Whether you pick it up at a convenience store, gas station, Cracker Barrel, what have you… a brand new toy will give you at least another 20 mins of peace (maybe).

5. Don’t forget about Spotify and the baby lullaby songs. I have no idea why we didn’t use this trick until the way back, but both kids fell asleep within minutes and it was bliss!

Hope these tips help! All in all plan for nothing to go exactly as planned. If you keep an open mind and try to be flexible, it will be lots more fun and way less stressful.

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