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11 Ways to Celebrate Working Moms Day March 12


11 Ways to Celebrate Working Moms Day This Friday

By WMM Guest Contributor: Kanoe Riedel

The Second Annual Working Moms Day is almost here! For moms everywhere and the people who support them, Friday, March 12 is a day to celebrate and recognize how incredible they are.

There are countless opportunities to make moms (including yourself!) feel special and appreciated on Working Moms Day! Let this article give you ideas for how to honor every mom in your life, whether they work in their home, in an office, on their feet, or on-the-go! 

So, get ready to take notes, make plans, and make this Working Moms Day a great day for moms!

1. Carve Out Self-Care Time

“Self-care” became a pretty big buzzword for working moms in the past year, likely since burnout is at an all-time high for parents. Now more than ever, creating time to do things that make you feel good, happy, and whole is crucial!

Put time for self-care on the calendar, talk to your family, and plan to do something positive for your mental and physical well-being this Friday. 

Maybe for you, self-care is a solo meal out of the house. For others, it might be as simple as a bubble bath at home. However, you choose to practice self-care on Working Moms Day, enjoy it.

As for other working moms in your life, you can offer to help them make self-care happen for themselves. Volunteer to take the kids for the afternoon and give a friend time to herself. Step in on a project or task to help a colleague take time off. Find ways to make it easier for the working moms you know to prioritize self-care on Working Moms Day!

2. Celebrate at Your Business

Working Moms Day is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to recognize their mom clientele! Whether you offer an exclusive Working Moms Day discount, send your subscriber list a celebratory email, or create a special promotion in honor of the day, your customers will appreciate it.

Here’s how several local businesses are celebrating this Friday:

Be sure to follow the #WorkingMomsDay hashtag to see what other businesses are doing for Working Moms Day!

3. Treat Yourself

Moms tend to put everyone’s needs in front of their own. Let Working Moms Day be your day to treat yourself to the little indulgences you enjoy! The greater Milwaukee area is full of fantastic local shops where you can get sweet treats. 

Grab some goodies on your way to work, share something yummy with a mom friend, or better yet, have something tasty delivered to your favorite working moms! 

4. Hang With Your Mom Force

There’s nothing quite like a meeting of the minds with the women who support and motivate you, and who can relate to your journey as a mom. On Friday, make plans to get together, virtually or in-person, with the working moms in your life. Squeeze in some good old girl time with them!

Whether you connect over coffee, lunch, or cocktails, make a point to soak up quality time with the women who inspire you. 

5. Take a Stand

Have you been debating whether or not to schedule that discussion about your compensation? Do you struggle to make your voice heard in virtual meetings? Are you thinking of talking with your partner about divvying up your family roles more equally? Do it! 

Working Moms Day can be the empowering spark you need to make your voice heard and start creating change. Whether at home or work, make it a day where you say something and demonstrate how fantastic, strong, and capable you are. 

6. Send a Special Note

Emails and texts are fast and easy ways to connect, but who doesn’t love getting a thoughtful and handwritten note? Handwritten notes make people feel good. What better way to recognize the working moms in your life than writing down all the reasons you appreciate them? 

Don’t forget to send yourself a note, too! Pat yourself on the back for all the amazing things you accomplish every day as a mom. Write yourself a letter of appreciation! Tuck it away somewhere safe, and pull it out the next time you need a reminder of how great you are!

7. Light up the Workday

Many moms will spend Working Moms Day on the job. Brighten their day with a thoughtful gift in honor of what they do! 

It doesn’t matter if they’re paid or unpaid, working at home, in the office, or in the field. Any mom will appreciate a nod to their hard work!

For example, moms whose jobs have them working at a desk, give them something fun to light up their workspace. Fun notepads, framed pictures, and cute desk accessories are perfect! Moms who work on the road might appreciate a snazzy to-go tumblr, or gas or coffee cards! 

However the working moms you love spend their workdays, there’s sure to be a small gift they’ll enjoy!

8. Give a Relaxing Experience

Quick, name a mom in your life who doesn’t revel in a little bit of pampering. 

That’s right; You probably can’t! Make Working Moms Day a day to indulge in a relaxing experience. If you’re able to go to a spa or somewhere similar, great! If not, you can still create a mini pampering day at home for yourself with self-care essentials and some quiet time to soak it all in. 

Share the love with other working moms! Consider giving a deserving mom a gift basket with all the goodies they need to create their own mini spa to celebrate Working Moms Day. Or, make a date to head to a real spa together! 

Better yet, invite other moms to join you for some rest and relaxation! Sign up for the Working Moms Day Guided Meditation with Legato Collective, and bask in a peaceful and quiet experience that will leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated!

9. Nurture Your Mind

Do you ever feel like there’s not enough time in the day to do things your mind loves, like reading or exploring your interests? 

Working Moms Day is the perfect opportunity to devote time to hobbies and activities that make you think! 

Grab that book you’ve been meaning to read or pull up your favorite podcast. Have fun relishing in things that make your brain happy.

Love to learn? There are several events taking place on Working Moms Day that might be right up your alley:

  • If you’ve thought about starting a side hustle, or finally building a business you’ve been dreaming about, tune in to Turning An Idea Into a Business to hear from a panel of badass mom business owners!

10. Reflect on How Much You Appreciate Moms

Moms are bonafide superheroes. Now more than ever, they’re juggling incredible personal and professional responsibilities. This Working Moms Day, take a moment to reflect on how amazing you and the moms in your life are.

Think of all the moms you’ve met along the way who have supported you, encouraged you, and made positive impacts on your life. Remember that everyone in your community of moms leads a unique life and has special perspectives on mom life. Appreciate them for what makes them them!

11. Take Time Off

If you happen to be in the position to take time off to enjoy Working Moms Day, do it! A day dedicated to celebrating moms is the perfect excuse to use up some of those PTO hours you’ve accrued. Sign off early and do something great!

Can’t take time off? Talk to your employer about extending your lunch hour to honor Working Moms Day, or maybe ending the workday early.  It won’t hurt to ask, and you’ll probably make a lot of moms in your workplace very happy on Friday if your employer says yes!

So, how will you celebrate Working Moms Day on Friday? Share your festivities on social media and tag @WorkingMomsDay and #WorkingMomsDay! And be sure to follow along to see how other moms, businesses, and community members spend the day!



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