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Our Approach

Our Vision

WMM's vision is a one-stop-shop for working mothers in Milwaukee to network, socialize and share experiences. We aim to create a supportive space where moms can connect both online and in person, get support from moms that just "get it", access services to make the day-to-day a little easier and celebrate this crazy life stage together!

Our Story

Working Moms of Milwaukee was created in December 2017 by one local mom who needed some more support. In talking with other working moms, she found that there is a large community need for a local organization that combines these core elements:

  • Mothers in Milwaukee who work full-time, part-time, inside the home or out of the home. All moms are working moms.
  • Networking with other moms from different backgrounds, fields and professions
  • Making it easy to network online and in person and socializing in time frames that work for busy families
  • Engaging events that celebrate Milwaukee and encourage authentic connections
  • Support and sharing daily working mom experiences w/ other moms that just “get it!”
  • Blog and social media content that’s relateable and useful for working moms
  • An organization that addresses the needs of working moms in our community

How we build community...

We build community through many different channels including social media, blogging, groups, in person events and more! See what the Mom Force is all about.