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August 2020 Spotlight | Kristina West Belton

Happy August, Moms! This month we're spotlighting local mom and business owner, Kristina West Belton. Get to know Kristina in our exclusive interview below!

Please tell us about what you do for a living.

I am the co-owner of Celebrity Status Barber and Beauty Mayfair and Southridge as well as (clothing, electronics and accessories).


Tell us a little bit about your family.

I have two children; Kennedy 8, Kalenna 4 months. My husband and business partner is Sammy K Belton. My mom is Kathy West and retired from the City of Milwaukee. Charles West, my father, is deceased.


What is the best part about being connected with Working Moms of Milwaukee?

Expressing on how great being a working mom is and to see other great working moms and their story. Very inspiring.


What's been the biggest thing you've learned since the beginning of this 2020 year?

Being prepared and consistent at all times and having faith in God.


Please tell us about one of your proudest mom moments recently.

I just became a mom to Kalenna 4 months on March 16 during the beginning of the pandemic. Crazy to say the least but we made it through it.


What's the most challenging aspect of daily life right now?

The world is changing and we have to adjust with the times having a newborn and working.


How can Milwaukee support mothers better, and especially moms of color? 

Come together in numbers to support each other. There is power in numbers and believers of faith and like-minded people.


How can other moms learn more about your business?

Go to my websites:


Do you have a favorite place to go in Milwaukee?

I like to go to the lake to unwind and get my thoughts together.


Do you have any words of advice for other moms, especially new moms?

Stay strong, keep going, believe in your dreams, never give up on them.


What is the most rewarding aspects of being your own boss? 

Hard work pays off.


What are you most excited for this August?

New business ventures on the way.

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