We Get You Because We Are You

Free Support, Events & More!

Hey Moms, did you know that this organization is run by busy moms just like you? We get it and this is our passion. We want to make life easier and support you as you're rockin' this working mom world!

Membership into our support and networking group (we often refer to it as the "Mom Force") is free. Start by joining our facebook group, but then we'd also encourage you to come to one of our events. We feel that the face-to-face interaction is also so important in getting the support you need!

Here are the general guidelines we go by in the Mom Force (for in person and online networking and support)

WMM's vision is to create a place where moms can network, get support, make friends, all in one spot. Topics we discuss: daily working mom experiences, overall mom-to-mom support, job related situations from the working mom's perspective.... and more!

WMM does not define what it means to be a working mom. Some of our members work full time, others work part time, some work in offices, others work remotely. Some members own their own businesses, some work for someone else and some of our members are in between gigs. All moms are welcome; we are an inclusive community of awesome women from all different professional and personal backgrounds that love our kids and do what it takes to care for our families.

Please take a moment to read our group rules:

1. We do not allow for members to sell items/products/services directly within the Mom Force; however WMM does offer services and advertising for businesses. If you have a business or product you would like to promote via WMM blog, WMM website and our other social channels, please contact us at workingmomsmke@gmail.com to inquire about sponsored posts/packages. We want the main focus of Mom Force networking to be all about support.
2. Hate Has No Home Here. We haven't had any issues with this, but it is something that needs to be official. Let's remember what this group is about and that we're here to support each other. This is a non-judgement zone.
3. Sharing of other local events is permitted, but please note only events hosted by Working Moms of Milwaukee are official WMM events. Events may be announced as mom only events, and many others are open to the whole family. We will make sure that clear when announcing events.
4. This is a mom only group that supports working moms in Milwaukee and the surrounding area. You must meet this criteria to be a member of the Mom Force group. Anyone; however, can like the WMM facebook or Instagram page, or follow us on LinkedIn. 
5. You must live in Milwaukee or the surrounding area, or have strong ties to Milwaukee to be a member; however, anyone can like our main facebook page or follow us on Instagram or LinkedIn! @WorkingMomsMKE
6. Please do not share job links directly to members. If you have a position you wish to promote, please inquire with workingmomsmke@gmail.com for job promotion information (similar to #1).

Stay tuned for other services as we roll them out and don't ever hesitate to connect with us by sending a message or a quick DM on any of our social channels.

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