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July 2019 Spotlight | Allison Trice

Happy July Moms! It's officially summer and also a new month, which means it's time to spotlight an incredible mom in our network! Meet Allison Trice, July's spotlight mom! Get to know Allison in our exclusive interview below.

Please tell us your name / employer / profession(s):
Allison Trice, Paraprofessional with Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) for 25 yrs and own a vending/catering business for 5 years. Our business has two faces 1) Junior's Veggie Soul  2) Junior's Smoked BBQ
How many kids do you have? 
I have 2 sons 1) Jarrod is 25 yrs old 2) Kevin is 17 yrs old
Tell us a little bit about your family (immediate and/or extended).
I have dated Kevin senior (our 17 yr old's father) for 18 years; he is my life partner. Kevin, our son Kevin, and I, along with a cat, dog and two chickens live in Milwaukee and I have my entire life. We work together as food vendors. We started at our first market, the Fondy's farmer's market on the north side, in 2014.
Explain/describe one of your proudest mom moments recently.
Recently I have been proud of my oldest son, Jarrod. He lives in Stevens Point, and received a job promotion and continues to prove his financial maturity. He is very good with saving and being wise with money.
What do you like best about your job?
During the school year, when I am working for MPS, I enjoy developing young cooks that are MPS students ages 15-21 that have special needs. I am the cooking instructor at the DSSC building where we make from scratch breakfast and lunch for the staff.
What's the hardest part of being a working mom?
I am in a new season of parenting because my children are self-sufficient. However, our 17 year old wants complete freedom and this has caused great strain in our home.
What has been the biggest surprise so far in motherhood?
The joys of motherhood are greater than anyone can understand unless you have experienced it. Also, the defiance of our youngest we could not foresee or prepare enough for. Pray for us all. 😉 Our children are from us but not us.
Our children are from us but not us.
Is there such a thing as work/life balance?
It depends, as a mother, you have to sacrifice and there are times where I have had great balance because I have a teacher's schedule. However, taking on a Farmer's Market business/schedule when my children were young would have not allowed for balance unless our children were completely included in the business. Ultimately it depends on your job if you are a working mother.
Do you have any words of advice for other working moms, especially those that are newer working moms and learning how to navigate this new world?
When you are spending time with your children, give 100% of your attention and make it quality time, aka face-to-face time without electronics or distractions from connecting with your child. Both of my children remember and reminisce on all the things we did as a family together or one-on-one time. Not just 1 hour of quality time, but please create permanent memories with your children. An hour of time in a child's mind may not be ingrained in them unless it is consistent. Try to have fun because it goes quickly and soon they will be adults.
What (in your opinion) is Milwaukee's biggest opportunity to improve the lives of working moms and better support them?
There are a lot of free and low cost things to do with children, these things are diverse in nature. Milwaukee could continue to grow in supporting low cost events and activities for mom's to share with their children. Also Milwaukee moms could support each other by continuing to network to offer their services, such as babysitting, daycare co-ops, couponing,  reviews, and many other ways to support each other. Perhaps a nonprofit co-op run by Milwaukee moms.
Milwaukee moms could support each other by continuing to network to offer their services, such as babysitting, daycare co-ops, couponing,  reviews, and many other ways to support each other. Perhaps a nonprofit co-op run by Milwaukee moms.
What Farmer's Markets can we catch you at this year?
South Shore (on Saturdays) and Fox Point Pool concessions (on warm and sunny days this summer). We also vend at Brown Deer (on Wednesdays), Greenfield (on Sundays) and Thiensville (on Tuesdays) Farmer's Markets during the week.
What is your favorite go-to meal or recipe when it's a busy school/work night?
Enchilada Bake. Layer gluten free corn chips, salsa, taco seasoning, corn, cooked zucchini,  cooked carrots, beans, cheese and etc with whatever I have on hand. Sometimes I add whatever meat i have on hand and sometimes it's meatless.  Easy and healthy! I have never had a student not like this dish.
What's the best part about summers in Milwaukee?
All of the activities and events to do in Milwaukee makes it enjoyable in the Summer and one of the main reasons we long for summer here.
Do you and your family have any plans for 4th of July?
Yes, of course we are working. We will be in Green Bay at Lambeau Field as their Farmer's market  vending. They are hosting a Title Town night Farmer's Market event that we will be vending at.

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