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5 Tips For A Low Stress Kids Birthday Party

Author: Working Moms of Milwaukee

Have you recently hosted a birthday party or have one on the books? If you’re hosting, here are WMM’s Top 5 Tips for keeping it low stress:

1. Do things in advance. As a working parent, there is a major shortage of time, right? So we suggest knocking out any to dos that can be done in the days (or weeks) leading up to the big day. If you get a little bit of time on a Sunday, take advantage of it! We had our decorations up for a week before the party. We also wrote out a to do list in the notes section of our phone and constantly added and edited as we thought of things. It lessened the “day of” checklist and therefore lowered stress.

2. Outsource what you can. Are you amazing at making a special food dish? We’re guessing you are! But if buying some already made stuff from the deli lessens your load, go for it. The more you can take off your plate, the better.

3. Give grandma a to do. Ok, really this can be any family member that’s coming or close friend. Most people want to help and it makes them happy to do so. If having someone bring a bag of ice lessens your “day of” chores, it’s ok to reach out.

4. The day before or the morning of: we highly recommend getting a babysitter if at all possible! There will always be last minute stuff and having help with the kids will allow you to do it.

5. Breathe and know that it won’t be perfect. Your outdoor pool theme might get rained on, your child’s birthday outfit might get dirty before guests arrive or your mom might forget the ice. Whatever comes up, you can handle it. Just breathe. Hosts set the tone for the party. If you’re cool and roll with it, so will everyone else. You’re doing the best you can and you’re doing an amazing job!


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