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Self Care on Valentine’s Day


By: WMM Contributor: Cassy Stanford

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and love in the air I’ve decided to take a different approach to showing the love this year. I mean I’m still going to give extra hugs and kisses to my husband and sons on this fun holiday of love, but I’m also going to take some extra time to reflect on caring for myself. Taking care of yourself is so important, but it seems to have taken on a new tone in today’s social media world.

Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of trendy self-care posts on social media, which leads me to ask when did taking care of yourself become a trend? I don't think my mom was being trendy when she made the time to work out almost daily when I was a child. I think she just knew it was good for her physical and mental health, and she enjoyed it. So, she made it a priority and a non-negotiable.

Fast forward 28 years and self-care has become a thing of luxury. So those that have busy schedules and choose to partake in this indulgence can sometimes feel guilty for making time to take care of themselves. I mean some people are even making New Year Resolutions of taking time for self-care. I believe this should be a given instead of an act that requires a thoughtful resolution.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m guilty of this too! I take it to the point of avoiding the doctor when I have a cold that requires medical intervention because I’ll have to use a couple hours of highly coveted vacation or sick time from work. My husband often reminds me that it’s important I care for myself, as I’m no good to anyone if I’m not happy and healthy. (Isn’t he amazing?)

It’s so important to remember that as adults if we don’t make time to care for ourselves no one else will and as so many have said before you can’t pour from an empty cup. So while you’re showing the love this year take some time to think of what you can do to take better care of yourself.

Then make a list of what you come up with. Speak to your spouse about your plan, and talk to your friends and family about it too. The more people you share your plan for taking care of yourself the better, because then you’ll have a group of people that can remind you of this  list of things you are making a part of your normal routine. Which is important because when your calendar gets filled with things you need to get done, your self care efforts will be the first thing to get tossed aside and forgotten. So, use these people and your list to keep you on track and make taking care of yourself part of your everyday life.

If we all made it a priority to take better care of ourselves, we would be able to bring our “A game” to our personal and professional lives, and be so much happier. Happy Valentines Day Mamas!


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