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Spotlight on this Mom Owned Business | Fancy Pants Pet Salon | Erin Hennen

Looking for a place to get your pup groomed? Look no further! Mom owned, Fancy Pants Pet Salon, is your place!

We took our dog, Frida, in to get groomed for the very first time by owner, Erin Hennen, and her team. What a great experience! They were quick, gentle, and communicative.

Learn a little more about Erin in our exclusive interview below, and check out a few pics of our wonderful experience too!

Fancy Pants Pet Salon

Tell us a bit about how and why you started Fancy Pants Pet Salon!


I have been a dog groomer for about 15 years now. It was my "side job" while I went to school for my Communications degree. As an adult getting my bachelors, I thought I needed to have an office job. So I did! I worked in an office for about 5 years, all the while still grooming on the side. I realized that office life wasn't for me and went back to grooming full time. Dogs are my passion. I realized that I had this amazing group of customers that were following me from shop to shop, even to my home so I could continue grooming their pets. My husband pointed out that I was all of the sudden doing more dogs at home than I was at a shop, which made the decision to open a  storefront seem so obvious! 


At that time, my husband and I had just our daughter and I wanted to be able to have a schedule that fit around my families lifestyle. I wanted to be able to close at 3 some days to go to soccer games or take a Saturday off to go to a dance recital. I knew that growing my own business would allow me to fulfill my passion and also have room for my family!


I couldn't help but notice all of the supportive signage in and around your shop. Why is it important to show that Fancy Pants Pet Salon is an inclusive and welcoming business?


Honesty, it's how I was raised. I am a volunteer with Milwaukee Pride Fest and a member of the WI LGBT Chamber of Commerce. My "family" comes in all colors, religions and orientations. I believe in love and won't tolerate hate at my business. That not only goes for people, but pets too. I am a Pitbull rescue mom and love my dogs to the moon. I have had people comment on my dogs or on my signs about loving Pitbulls. I will always openly talk to people about my dogs, but if they continue to be closed-minded, they are not welcome here. As a business owner, I think people are afraid to openly stand up for what they believe in. I see my business as a platform to be able to start conversations with people. 


We've followed your personal journey on Instagram, including your fight against cancer. Please tell us about how you and your family are doing. 


We're good, really good. I have 4 more weeks of chemotherapy and then I will take a month off before a double mastectomy. The tumor is responding remarkably well to treatment and my doctors are very optimistic. I feel so incredibly lucky as I have an amazing family, group of friends and customers who have been exceptionally supportive. Coming back to work after my diagnosis was the best thing I could do as the dogs that come to my shop make me feel whole. I need other people’s pets in my life. 


What inspires you?


It's cheesy, but dogs inspire me. The unconditional love that we receive from dogs is overwhelming. I don't know if all customers know this, but we come to work everyday because we are genuinely excited to see your dogs. Just today we had two bulldogs come in for just a nail trim and they literally pulled their owner in and ran to each employee to say hello. I can be exhausted or crabby and I get to work and I automatically start feeling better. I love my customers. I love their dogs. The relationships I have developed over the years with people and their pets has been the biggest blessing of my life.

A note from Erin Hennen, Fancy Pants Pet Salon Owner:

"Dogs are my life. Dogs are my passion. I have spent the last decade of my life grooming, training therapy dogs, studying animal behaviorism, managing dog daycares, working in the pet food industry and volunteering with animal rescue. My job is not just to give you back a clean, well trimmed dog, but it's to make your life and your dogs life better. I am a firm believer in communication and education. Let's work together to make your pet happy."

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