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5 Tips for Going to a Wedding with Kids (and not losing your mind)

Author: Working Moms of Milwaukee

Summer and Fall are prime wedding season here in Wisconsin. We recently attended a wedding for a family member and brought kids with us. We definitely learned a couple tricks along the way! Here we share with you WMM’s Top 5 Tips for Going to a Wedding with Kids (and not losing your mind):

1. Lay out kids outfits ahead of time. If you’re attending a wedding for close friends or family, there’s a good chance that there may be additional events aside from just the wedding that you’re invited to. We had a rehearsal dinner BBQ, the actual wedding (at a farm), and then the final celebration which was a brunch. We had all outfits (and backups packed) separated by day. Major day-of time saver!

2. Give your trusted family member a head’s up that you might need a little help. Tell your aunt (or other family member or close friend that is attending the wedding) that you’re bringing the kids and any help is so very appreciated. We find that lots of times family and friends do want to help, but asking, giving a head’s up, and being grateful is the key to getting that help. Don’t assume they’ll interpret your crazy facial expressions and say “oh, can I hold her for you for a minute?!”

3. Arm yourself with distractions. It’s time to say goodbye to your vision of a cute little cocktail purse. You’re going to need a backpack of distractions for the kids plus a place to stash it. We were actually lucky with the wedding we went to this past weekend… the brides put out all sorts of coloring books and activity packets for each kid at the kids table… and thought about each kid individually. Ex: our 3 year old got Puppy Dog Pals stuff! They also had a bunch of games set up outdoors which kept most of the little ones happy and occupied. But most weddings aren’t like that, so best to
come prepared.

4. Get to wedding venue a little early and do a walk through. Know your escape routes during speeches if kids scream, check out the bathrooms and changing table sitch, see where you’re sitting in relation to your kids. It’s a lot more hectic when that same space is filled with 100+ people.

5. Know that it’s going to be different. No matter who is getting married, if you’re taking your kids with you, your wedding experience will not be like the last time you went to a wedding without kids. Remember to laugh, and remember these tips! What tip would you add to the mix? #workingmomsmke

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