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WMM Founder, Susannah Lago, Interviewed by Vox

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Thank you to Anna North of Vox for interviewing Working Moms of Milwaukee Founder, Susannah Lago for this timely story. Read the full article here.
Article Excerpt: Meanwhile, employers will need to be understanding of the fact that for working parents, this fall won’t be back to normal. They need plans in place to make sure workers can take time off if their kids are home from school, and they need to offer mental health support to parents who are dealing with the stresses of a pandemic for yet another year. More than anything, they need to demonstrate the same level of flexibility that families are being asked to show in dealing with the uncertainties of school in the Covid-19 era.
“That goes two ways,” Lago said. It’s “not just families being flexible for Covid; it’s employers being very flexible to support the people that make their company run.”

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