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WMM Launches New Group, “Free For Moms”

Working Moms of Milwaukee is excited to announce our newest group, WMM Free for Moms!

The purpose of this group is for Milwaukee Mom Force network moms to help each other out. There is absolutely NO SELLING in this group. It is only for giving away items to other moms that may need them - for nothing in exchange.

Our General Rules and Guidelines:

1. Items that are baby/child or mom related may be given away for free and posted within this group. This is not a group for giving away other types of items.

2. All items donated and accepted are at your own risk. Furthermore, there is no exchanging of recalled products. It is your responsibility to make sure the items you are giving away and/or accepting are not recalled.

3. There is no meeting up of anyone other than MOMS to do any swapping or donating of items. Ex: Do not have your husband/boyfriend deliver the item to the mother in need. It needs to be mom to mom. Unattended pick ups and drops offs are OK.

4. This group is for moms only. The moms must be located in the Milwaukee or surrounding area.

5. Don't post any items for sale, rummage or yard sale announcements or any anything of that nature. All of that is considered selling.

6. Posts should be about items you have to give away for free OR items you need for free. Again, all items posted as available or needed must be intended for a mother or her children.

Check out WMM Free For Moms Now!

All you need to do is answer a few membership questions.

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