Working Mom Statistics

Did You Know?

  • 70% of all mothers with children under 18 participate in the labor force
  • 62% of mothers who gave birth in the past 12 months are in the labor force
  • 25% of families are financially maintained by mothers only, 7% of families are financially maintained by fathers only
  • 83% of new moms are millennial moms (Data obtained from United States Department of Labor and BabyCenter)

We're proud that our Working Moms of Milwaukee network is an amazing group of women from all different backgrounds, and we're constantly growing. Where else can a pharmacist share weeknight recipe tips with a security officer? Or teacher swap baby carrier advice with a surgeon?

Working Moms of Milwaukee is home to medical professionals, corporate leaders, women in education, hospitality, nonprofit sectors, entrepreneurs and many more. We're a diverse group, but when it comes to being working moms, caring for our kids and providing financially, we're all in this together.