Working Moms Day
March 12
First Planning Session
Working Moms Day

Working Moms Day is March 12, 2020

Working Moms Day is March 12, 2020! We’ve received a lot of interest in our Milwaukee community and beyond so we’re extending the celebration and resources to people everywhere! We will continue to roll out ideas, opportunities and inspiration on this page as well as via our new Working Moms Day social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) to get as many people on board as we can. Why? Because it’s time to recognize #workingmoms.


How it Started

Each year, a group of moms from our network get together to talk about issues that matter to moms in our community. This year we talked about the need to celebrate and recognize working moms on a larger scale. What better way to do this than by creating our own celebration! Moms, Dads, small businesses, corporations, employers and community organizations can all get involved. Our celebration knows no geographical barriers and all are welcome to join in on Working Moms Day!


Ideas and Inspiration

Working Moms Day is March 12, 2020. Cool. Now what? Here are some ideas and inspiration for how YOU, yes YOU can get invovled! Also be sure to visit our toolkit page and FAQ for additional resources!


Create an Event

Sites like facebook and Eventbrite make launching and hosting events easy! Host an event at your business, on your block, or at your work that honors and celebrates moms in some way. From a simple movie night at home with your friends, to an all out catered lunch at work, the possibilities are endless!


Launch a Promotion

Got your own business? Awesome! Do a promotion on March 12th for moms! Free workout class, a free cup of coffee, 20% off your merchandise.... anything to make it special for all the hardworking moms! Make sure to tag @WorkingMomsDay and #WorkingMomsDay in your offerings!


Talk to your Employer

Human Resources departments can be great at getting the company onboard for a positive issue. Come up with a few ideas as to how you'd like to see moms celebrated on March 12th at your place of employment! Perhaps a nice note of appreciation, a flower or a complimentary lunch! Make sure to tag us when it happens!

Get Started...

Well what are you waiting for? Get started on your Working Moms Day Planning today! Visit our Instagram page for additional inspiration!

More Ways to Get Started...

Need some tools to kick off your planning? Visit our online toolkit for additional resources.

Check out Working Moms Day Events

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