What Working Moms of Milwaukee can do for you

Working Moms of Milwaukee is a resource for moms, businesses and employers. We provide moms with an extensive social and professional network and resources, offer partnership opportunities and advertising for businesses, as well as WMM’s employer services. Learn more below or send us a message.

For Working Moms

  • Social and Professional Network |  We have a large network of local working moms, community leaders, employers and small businesses. Link up with us via any of our social channels to connect! Membership for working moms is always free.
  • Events | We host lots of community events, many of which are family friendly. Join us at our next event.
  • WMM Blog | Make sure to follow our blog to get awesome working mom content! All of our content is geared towards busy working moms – expect some quick tips and some humor to make life a little easier!
  • WMM Spotlight | Get to know other amazing women in our Milwaukee community via Working Moms of Milwaukee Spotlight. Meet this month’s mom!
  • Milwaukee’s Official Directory to Mom Owned Businesses | Find local businesses and services that are owned by moms, just like you with our Mom Owned Business Directory!

For Businesses & Employers

  • There’s a saying, “Want something done quickly, give it to a working mom.”  Working moms are some of the most loyal employees an employer could dream of, so you need to ask yourselves, “What are WE doing to attract, support and keep leading women at our company?” Learn more about our business services here.
  • We also have a large network of working moms that you can promote your products and services to, and even advertise job openings. Learn more here.

Want to partner with us?…

Email workingmomsmke@gmail.com and let’s start the conversation.