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Well this has been a crazy couple of weeks. However, we're so impressed with all the resources out there to support working mothers. We've sifted through and compiled a brief list (because let's face it, even the plethora of info can be overwhelming) of some of our go-tos (with brief summaries).

By: Working Moms of Milwaukee

COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down to say the least. We know there are many sites out there and tons of info coming at everyone so quickly.... we've sifted through a bunch of it and narrowed it down to our 4 favorites. It was important to make sure we're touching on mental health, business resources, our favorite "on the front lines" account to follow and home school ideas.

New Insights LLC COVID-19 Resources | Mental Health and More

  • Comprehensive list from a Milwaukee therapy provider separated into sections. We really appreciated the mental health resources which is a very important part of what we're all dealing with:
    • Articles on Coping with Emotional Reactions
    • Supporting Kids at Home
    • Virtual Field Trips
    • Yoga, Fitness and Other Wellness Streaming

LGBT Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 | Business Resources

  • All your government links in one spot, as well as additional resources with links for employees. Information regarding disaster relief loans and other important info for small business.

Feminist Midwife Instagram | On the Front Lines

  • Want to hear a no BS take of what it's like on the front lines during this pandemic? Follow along with Stephanie AKA Feminist Midwife, who is a nurse and midwife, based in Chicago. Stephanie often shares resources for mothers and the queer community and has been documenting her journey for several years.

MKE with Kids Google Doc | Homeschooling

  • This awesome resource that helps us manage the homeschooling component of this pandemic which is new to most of us. You can make your own copy of the google document with tons of ideas and live links separated into class subjects:
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Math
    • Reading
    • Writing
Young Mother spending time with her little baby

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