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Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Proclaims March 12th as Working Moms Day

By: Working Moms of Milwaukee


March 12th is officially proclaimed by the State of Wisconsin as Working Moms Day!

How it happened: Four months ago a group of us moms sat down to share a meal and talk about how we wanted to make things better for moms in our community. We talked about a whole host of issues, from childcare costs to family leave policies, moms mental health and more.

We decided to focus on recognition.

How can we highlight the work that moms are doing every single day? How can we take that and magnify it in a positive way? How can we get everyone involved?

We ultimately decided to declare March 12 as Working Moms Day and invited our community to celebrate with us. It was going to be a challenge since we didn’t have a ton of time to prepare, but it was important to us that this day be in March to complement the timing of International Women’s Day, as well as Women’s History Month.

Since then, we’ve had countless media interviews, small businesses and corporations join us, events and promotions launch on our behalf and our whole community rally behind us. We also aimed to obtain the ultimate recognition, a city and state proclamation acknowledging this day.

Today we are so very proud, humbled, grateful and energized that we received an official proclamation from Governor Tony Evers and the State of Wisconsin recognizing us and the very celebration of Working Moms Day March 12th!

If you’re not already involved in celebrating Working Moms Day in some way this March 12th, now would be a really good time. Get involved and join the movement to recognize moms!

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State of Wisconsin Proclamation
State of Wisconsin Proclamation

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