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September 2021 Spotlight Mom | Maggie Alefsen

Happy September and Back-to-School Season, Moms! This month we're highlighting Maggie Alefsen, mom to four kids and Customer Service Manager at National Business Furniture! Learn all about Maggie, her work and her family in our exclusive interview below!

National Business Furniture
Maggie and Family

Please tell us a little about your family.


I have four children – Jovannis (age 18), Jaida (age 11), Raymond (age 3) and Raelynn (age 1). I was very lucky to grow up in a diverse family of all different ethnicities and cultures, which I think is very beneficial to how I navigate today’s world and also is a big part of how I raise my kids. Currently my kids attend GPS Academy, Golda Meir School and Bay View Montessori School. My hobbies include macrame (@macramemaggie on Instagram) and I also love to help my mom behind the scenes with her Raw Foods Milwaukee Facebook page. We recently moved to the southside to be closer to my in-laws and are super lucky to have such a supportive circle of people.



What is the best part about being connected with Working Moms of Milwaukee?


My favorite part is having the support of other moms around the city. I love reading the highlights, It’s so great to hear that other people see and experience similar things that I do and it shows how similar we all really are. Working Moms of Milwaukee is also a great source for tips and resources. 


Tell us about National Business Furniture as an employer. Why do you like it? 


I love working here for a few reasons, but most notable are the people and the work-life balance. When I started, hearing people have worked at the company for 30+ years was so motivating to know I had found a place that was considered a “home” to so many people. I also feel very motivated in my professional development. My boss encourages me to be my best self and supports me as an individual person, which I am sure at times can be far outside of her job description. I appreciate how National Business Furniture (NBF) values its employees. I never felt like I had to put important personal issues and events – like two pregnancies that were extremely rough on me physically – to the side. In return, that has allowed me to be the best employee I can and a leader who can support her team accordingly. It is overall a great place to work. 


What's the best part of your job/career? 


For me it is the opportunity to help others learn and grow to become the best customer success advocates they can be. I also am privileged to be able to conduct our full customer service new hiring training for each new member of the customer service team. I am so passionate about training and setting people up for success.  


Explain/describe one of your proudest mom moments recently


My three-year- old recently went to the dentist for the first time and he did so great! We were a little nervous, but he handled it well. My first ‘baby’ just turned 18.  I am so proud of him for hitting that milestone, especially when you look at all the statistics against him as a young black male in Milwaukee. 


What has been the most challenging part of this past year for you (and/or your family)? 


The most challenging part is a recent autism diagnosis for my three-year- old. As a mom, I send support to all moms who are adjusting to life with a special needs child or processing any life-changing diagnosis.


Do you have a favorite place to go in Milwaukee? If so where and why?


As a family, we enjoy spending time at the beach, taking walks around our neighborhood in Milwaukee and exploring different parks across the county. My boyfriend and I also love to go El Beso restaurant because there is nothing to rejuvenate love like Mexican food and margaritas.


Do you have any words of advice for other moms, especially new moms? 


The best advice I have is that it will honestly be ok. There are going to be times that are so hard, and you will feel like you are doing it all wrong, but you are not. You are doing your best based on what you know and that is exactly what your children need to see.  Our kids emulate what they see. Just breathe and sometimes it is ok to step away and regroup. Also get that pedicure. You deserve it!


Will you be doing anything fun this month? 


We would like to head to one festival since we usually go to Summerfest multiple times per year and many other festivals at least once. 

Maggie's Home Office

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