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February 2019 | WMM Spotlight

Each month, Working Moms of Milwaukee spotlights an amazing mom in our community. Get to know February's Spotlight mom, Deonna Chambers, in our exclusive interview!

February 2019 | WMM Spotlight | Deonna Chambers


Please tell us your Name / Employer / Profession(s)

Deonna Chambers / MillerCoors / Human Resources Business Partner Manager and Author

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

I have 2 kids and a dog (2 year old girl, 7 month old boy and a 36 year old Pomeranian)

Explain/describe one of your proudest mom moments recently.

My daughter recently performed in her first holiday show.  I was blown away by her confidence and presence on stage as she belted out an impressive rendition of “Baby Shark” the Christmas edition…

What do you like best about your job?

The people I work with are amazing, we have great products and I am professionally and personally growing leaps and bounds in the environment.

What's the hardest part of being a working mom?

Spending only a few hours with my kids a day is the hardest part. It’s a sacrifice, that doesn’t always feel good, but is necessary.

What came as the biggest surprise so far in motherhood?

The biggest surprise is that from the moment they were born, my worries about their future and world around them intensified.

What’s been the biggest challenge for you so far in motherhood?

Cooking dinner at an appropriate hour…… anybody for take out!!

Any words of advice for other working moms, especially those that are newer working moms?

Remember who you were before you had kids, she easily gets suppressed, but she’s still in there.

Favorite MKE restaurant/store/hangout?

Target, nothing like wondering around the formula isle for hours looking for the non-dairy based formula.  Also I love the library. I am an avid reader.

What makes your family unique?

We take our children all over the world and I am inspired by their interactions and experiences.   These experiences led me to pursue one of my greatest passions as a children’s book author. My first book “My Brother’s Other Dad, will be available on Amazon.com.  See DeonnaChambers.com (website launches February 20th) for upcoming releases.

What (in your opinion) is Milwaukee's biggest opportunity to improve the lives of working moms and better support them?

I think it would be great if Milwaukee invested in an entertainment project to create something like Navy Pier here on our Milwaukee Lakefront with opportunities for families and entertainment options for adults (Mom and Dad-stay sane by having a good night out). Often, it feels like I work hard at work, and work hard at home- when it’s time to relax and have fun, there is nowhere to go in Milwaukee.

Are you going to do anything special for Black History Month?

During Black History Month, we focus on learning more about Black pioneers and we partake in local cultural celebrations.

Will you celebrate Valentine's Day?

We better! – I’ve had two kids in two years… Momma needs a night out.


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