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Q&A with Kecia Sprecher and everything you need to know about the Great Sprecher Root Beer Floatilla event!

The Great Sprecher Root Beer Floatilla is Thursday, August 6th right here in our community! Learn all about what inspired this event and get to know local mom and VP of Sprecher Brewing, Kecia Sprecher, in our exclusive interview!


Is Sprecher a family business? Please tell us how you got into the business and a little bit about your family history.

Yes, my father, Randal G Sprecher, started the business in 1985 as a pioneer in the now ever expanding craft brewing business. I was a teenager when my dad started the business, I first helped-out with painting our company logo on our handmade gas-fired brew kettle and office paperwork.  I continued working part-time during college. After college I took a few years off pursuing my degree in architecture. Over the years I have worked for the company in many different capacities from labeling machine operator to gift shop sales and every administrative office position. My dad retired in January 2020 and I stayed on with the new owners and am currently VP of Sprecher Brewing Company, LLC.

We understand you have a 2020 high school graduate at home. Congratulations! What has this summer been like for you and your family?

Yes, I am very proud of my son graduating with honors from Sussex Hamilton High School. This was the most unusual final high school year ever, no senior class trip and no prom and AP exams on-line.  Although he missed being in class with his teachers and classmates I think the relaxed schedule worked well with the typical teenager late night schedule. Since I work during the day we were not able to spend too much more time together than usual. But, my husband and son were able to spend more time together and that really helped them understand one another and strengthen their bond. This summer my son and I have been taking our taekwondo classes together online and he tested and received is Black Belt from JK Lee Lake Country.

Please tell us about the Great Sprecher Root Beer Floatilla event!

Get the best root beer in the world for free and help set a Guinness World Record too. Sprecher Brewing Company is partnering with Cedar Crest Ice Cream to host an epic root beer float giveaway from 12-8 pm on Thursday, Aug. 6—National Root Beer Float Day.

The company invites everyone to drive on over to its brewery on 701 W. Glendale Ave. to celebrate the day with a free root beer float and be part of what the award-winning craft beverage company hopes will be the World’s Largest Root Beer Float Drive-Thru.

What inspired the Sprecher team to host a community event like this?

We wanted to give the community something fun to do that was family friendly and safe in light of many of the state’s summer festivals and events being cancelled and support a good cause. What better day to do that than National Root Beer float day. Sprecher is prepared to make thousands of root beer floats —which equates to hundreds of gallons of root beer and tubs of ice cream.

Is this a family friendly event? Can you tell us about extra safety protocols you're taking for this event?

Yes it is family friendly and we encourage that families pack their cars and bring everyone along to enjoy a Root Beer Float and be apart of our Guinness World Record for largest drive-thru Root Beer Float.

Please remember that this is a drive-thru only event and the free root beer floats are intended to be enjoyed inside patrons’ vehicles and/or at home. So please remain in your vehicles and staff will bring floats directly to the passenger- or driver-side window. All staff members and volunteers will be wearing masks, and patrons are encouraged to follow the current mask protocols set forth by the City of Glendale.

Do attendees need to pay for the root beer floats? 

No, it is FREE to everyone. While the floats are free, attendees will be highly encouraged to make an online donation to Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin by texting FLOAT to 41444.

Is there anything special we should bring when we come? Do you provide napkins / utensils?

Napkins, Straws and Spoons will be provided.  Bring a smile and take a selfie enjoying a delicious Sprecher Root Beer float and don’t forget to share on our social media sites.

After we get our root beer floats, is there a place you would suggest we park to enjoy them? Or would they "keep" and still be good once back home?

Because we expect a high number of attendees and vehicles, we ask that vehicles exit the service area.  While the floats can be enjoyed in vehicles, they can also be enjoyed at home.

Let's assume you guys break the record for the most root beer floats! Then what would happen?

We have been in communication with Guinness World Record and look forward to having our record posted as most floats served.  Once the record is set, we will look forward to breaking our own record!

How can we find out more about the event and more about Sprecher?

For more information, visit  You can also visit our website at

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