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WMM Contributor Working Moms Day

Ways YOU Can Celebrate #WorkingMomsDay

By WMM Contributor: Silvia Cortes

Celebrate Working Moms Day on March 12th!

Not sure how?  We have some ideas on ways to recognize all the amazing working mothers in your network and everything they do.  It is up to us how big or how small gesture and to be honest, a thumbs up and an A-OK would definitely make it all worth it.

  • Follow, like, comment and share #workingmomsday posts
  • Follow, like comment and share posts by the Working Moms Day social media pages
  • Share a treat with a working mom
  • Give working moms a high five, thumbs up or A-OK, in person or virtual
  • Let someone else do the cooking and invite a working mom out to lunch or dinner
  • Host a movie night or make it a movie night and go out to the movie theater
  • Invite working moms to happy hour
  • Print the Working Moms Day flyer and share it with everyone and post in shared work spaces and bulletin boards
  • Give thank you cards to one or all the working moms in your network (personalized or to a group)
  • Make mini self care kits for working moms or plan an event to recognize the importance of self care
  • Business owners:  Offer a promotion or event for working moms and share with WMD organizers to help grow your business
  • Promote Working Moms Day through existing communication channels you use such as website, social media, newsletter, bulletins and announcements. Use the #WorkingMomsDay hashtag.

What idea do you plan to do?  You can do one or all and help working moms feel seen for everything they do, juggle and troubleshoot every single day of the week.  Happy planning Working Moms Day 2020!

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