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Working Moms of MKE 101

Author: Working Moms of Milwaukee

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Working Moms of Milwaukee’s new website. What started as a small facebook group back in December 2017 among a few MKE working mom friends, has grown into a community movement! Word of mouth (or word of “click” in the digital world) spread and we find ourselves today in a network of hundreds of busy Milwaukee area moms!

Since that little facebook group started, we’ve grown consistently. Working Moms of Milwaukee also has a main facebook page, community groups, a LinkedIn page, an Instagram page and now this website! We’ve learned that different audiences connect via different channels and we want to make sure we are capturing all local mothers in our communities so they know that this support and mom force is here.

WMM’ers also connect in person (yes, we’re real people!) via events, playdates, workout groups, social mixers and meetups, many of which are family friendly. We like to make connecting/support/mom force building easy peasy which is why kids are allowed at many of our events. Please visit our events tab to see what’s coming up next!

So who are the WMM’ers and what’s it all about? We’re a network of working moms in Milwaukee and the surrounding areas. We’re your one stop shop for networking professionally, making mom friends and getting support on the day to day challenges. Working Moms of Milwaukee also offers business services and partnership opportunities.

Some WMM’ers work full time out of the house, others part time, some remotely, some work on contracted projects at a time, others are in between gigs. We have moms in our network that are attorneys, doctors, educators, tattoo artists, restaurant managers, digital strategists… you name it, we’ve got it. Come to think of it, this is what we love about our organization. It is inclusive. Just as we don’t define what it is to be a working mom, we can’t put WMM into a bucket of what it is because it is so many different things and serves a unique purpose to each individual. For some it’s a support group, for others it’s professional networking, some like to chat and share online only, others are craving that face-to-face Mom only type of interaction.

For employers, WMM is a service and a commitment to do better. For small businesses, it’s a new market of clientele. And we love that. All of that. Whatever purpose it serves to YOU, yes YOU… just know that we see you and we’re so very happy you are here.

How can you connect? Join us at one of our upcoming events and connect with us via your favorite social channel(s). Tell your family and neighbors about us. Tell your pregnant coworker about us!